Shunzhi Zhang, the 21st Master of Quan zhengmen, a major branch of Chinese Taoism and founded over 1000 years ago, decided to teach both Taoists and non Taoists Jingan & Changshou Gong before his demise (often it was only secretly taught and practised within the community of Taoists as it is considered to be effective training leading to eternity). 

The practice is based on the theory that humankind is an integrated part of nature. So is it grounded on the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory of Yin and Yang (Wuxing). Jingan Gong is to train one's physique and five major internal organs, namely heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney. The powerful and speedy movements are also designed to affect the five major arteries of a human body. Long term practice can not only strengthen the connections of skeletons, muscles and joints but also improve the functions of the five organs, thus to eliminate all kinds of pathogenic elements in the body, build up a good physique and improve one's health. 

In contrast Changshou Gong is focused on relaxation and meditation. Its movements are soft, gentle and largely imitate animals' daily actions. When practising, it is important to even forget about practising itself. Instead one should concentrate on imagining becoming the imitated animal(s) and enjoying being part of the nature, forgetting your individualised existence and become one with nature. 

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